Work from Home with these 5 Famous Companies NOW HIRING Remote Jobs

we're going to break down five of the most famous companies who are hiring for work from home, and we're going to rank them from worst to best in this honest battle, which is a new format that I'm trying out. Let me know in the comments below, by the way, if you like it. We are going to be using five criteria. Number one, we will look at the company culture because if you like any of these companies, you want to make sure that the environment that you would be working in is something that you want to be part of. Number two, we will look at the job diversity, which essentially means that we will take a look at how many jobs are they actually hiring for which locations are these jobs open in? And then what kind of jobs are they? So, you know, exactly if there's something in there for you? Number three, we will look at job flexibility, which essentially means what is their work from home or remote work policy? Are there a lot of jobs that they look to hire for it that are open for work from home or not that many? And then the next one is salary and compensation. So we're going to look at the salary and benefits that these companies tend to offer. So, you know, if they pay well if you're going to get a good package if the benefits they offer are something that you're looking for or not. And then last but not least, we will take a look at employee recommendations because who else would know if it's a great company to work for, if not their own employees? So we're going to take a look at some quotes and some specific feedback that direct employees working for these companies have given. So by the end of the blog, you should know exactly which of these companies is one that you want to work for so that you can focus on them and go and apply to the jobs that they have.


Adobe is also a very well-known company. They specialize in software for the creation and publication of multimedia, be that graphics or video, or photography. So if you have any interest in multimedia creation or simply ever wanted to edit a photo for sure, you’ve heard of Adobe Photoshop. If you have more interest in this space for sure, you heard of Premiere or after effects or Lightroom or InDesign or Illustrator. All of these are products that are part of Adobe’s portfolio. In fact, did you know that over 90% of the worldwide creatives use at least one of Adobe’s products? It’s pretty cool. Not only that, but back in 2020, Adobe announced that they would like to get into AI and machine learning, and now they have their own solution that is an AR VR solution called Project air that allows you to bring your creations to life when it comes to their culture. Adobe takes a lot of pride in its beautiful mission, which is to reinvent how people create and help businesses succeed. In fact, on their website, what they say is that at Adobe,

So even by simply browsing their website, you can tell that they have a lot of focus on their people, on their employees. They take pride in equality and focus a lot on diversity as well. And that is not only based on their website, but also on their employee feedback and former employee quotes. And because of this, I am giving Adobe a five out of five for their culture. Now, when we look at job diversity, Adobe has job openings in over 26 countries, not in every country worldwide. So that is definitely a limitation in terms of contract structure. They have a very good diversity as well. We have lots of full time jobs, but also lots of part-time, as well as contract based so temporary freelance jobs that are available on their website. In terms of job categories, again, there is a very good diversity. We’re looking at customer support, customer experience, marketing, sales, I.T., finance, legal, and so forth. So a very good set of different types of job openings as well. However, because they don’t have openings in more than 26 countries, I am giving Adobe a four out of five in terms of job diversity. Now let’s take a look at their flexibility. Adobe is open to working from home and actually, back in June, their Chief People Officer Gloria Chen announced that as soon as they start reopening their offices, employees are allowed to work up to 50% from home. They do acknowledge that hybrid is the future of work and that Adobe is open to supporting their employees to work from home or work remotely. However, when we look at their website in terms of the job openings that they have available that allow for remote work, although there are many of them, all of them are connected to a specific location. So because of this, while I love that there are so open to remote jobs and they support working from home, I would love to see them allowing people to apply from anywhere or from more countries around the globe. So because of that, I am giving Adobe a four out of five for flexibility. In terms of benefits, Adobe have some really attractive offers. In the U.S., for example, the average salary is about 125,000. With certain jobs getting salaries as high as 165,000 for a project or program manager, for example, if we look at their benefits, they are really, really great. Not only do they consider employees’ well-being, but their insurance is really great and they offer a lot of opportunities for growth and for future development as well. So because of this, I am giving Adobe a five out of five for salary and benefits. But what do employees, current and former say about working for Adobe? Actually, they rank it really, really highly. On comparably, we have 96% of Adobe employees recommending it as a great place to work in. And then if we take a look at Glassdoor, they rank 4.4 out of five. And what we typically see in terms of employee quotes or feedback is that they really value the work life balance, the caring for employees, the great team and culture environment, but also the really great benefits and salary packages.

2- Facebook (Meta)

The company rebranded itself into media recently, and they announced that they will be opening up over 15,000 new jobs to start working on their new company vision around the Metaverse. And if you want to get to learn a little bit more about the Metaverse and see what kind of jobs will be available in the Metaverse and how you can make money with it. where I share a lot of things that I’ve been able to uncover and put together in terms of real jobs in the Metaverse. So if we take a look at their culture, Facebook or metaverse culture, they describe it as a hacker culture, which is pretty cool. And what it actually means is that they push their employees to consistently improve. And it makes a lot of sense because with billions of daily users, they need to make sure that their people move fast, keep growing, keep improving so that they can continue having the edge in the market. And because of this, Facebook or Midol was able to become a magnet to talent in the market and also an incubator of talent internally as well. However, because they have a lot of recent, let’s say, questioning of their integrity and their ethical approach, sometimes in terms of the way they handle data, I am giving Facebook or mid-to a four out of five in terms of their culture. Let’s talk about job diversity. If you go to their website right now, they have over 4200 jobs open. And what is really, really nice is that the categories that they’re looking to hire in are extremely diverse. We’re talking about everything from A.I. to development, design to sales, and so forth. So that’s really amazing. What I don’t really like are the location availabilities as well as the contract structures. So in terms of contract structure, they mainly have full time jobs. They only have a few intern roles open and a few student roles open. There are no part-time jobs available on their website as we speak in terms of locations, again, mostly covering North America. Obviously, U.S. and Canada, there are a few countries in Europe and the Middle East that are covered as well. And then only a few in IPAC, only a few in South America. So because of that, I am actually giving Facebook only three out of five in terms of job diversity, in terms of flexibility. There has been some really good progress made, although initially, Facebook wanted to have the employees coming back to work, returning to the office, actually back in the summer. They’ve decided to announce that remote work is available to all employees who can actually continue carrying out their activities from home. And not only that, but now on their website for several jobs, you can see a filter for the remote. What is true, though, is that only North America and Europe, and the Middle East are the two regions that have job openings that allow for work from home or remote work. However, Facebook has announced that they are gradually expanding towards allowing their employees to work from anywhere not only based in their country of residence. So because of all of this, I am giving Facebook a four out of five in terms of flexibility. Now let’s talk money. When you look at their salary and overall compensation packages, Facebook or Twitter have a pretty good deal. Their overall average salary is about $140,000, but depending on the job category, it can go as high as 200, sometimes even $250,000. In fact, there are some jobs like product manager that can get as high as $285,000 per year. Not only that but if we look at the benefits that. The offer. That list is pretty impressive as well. They not only cover health care but also gym subscriptions. They have a bike repair cost coverage. They have company shuttle as well as parental leave covered. So really incredible offer. And aside from that, when you look at career prospects at training, at, let’s say, the whole environment that you have there with all the smart people, which is probably the case for all of the other companies that I’ve covered as well. But in the case of Facebook and Mirror, the overall package seems to be a pretty great deal, which is why I’m giving them five out of five. Now, let’s take a look at employee recommendations to see if people who actually work for Facebook would recommend it. And in fact, if we look at comparably over 85% of current and former employees from Facebook or Midha recommended as a great place to work. And not only that, but if we look at Glassdoor, they also get a ranking of 4.3 out of five. So overall, employees are pretty happy working at Facebook or MIT. They tend to say that it’s a fantastic company to work for and there’s a lot of growth opportunity and the pay is pretty good as well. What they don’t like is obviously that they have to work really hard and the standards are high. So because of that, I’m giving them a four and a half ranking for employee recommendations.

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3- Apple

Obviously, Apple requires no introduction. They have millions of raving fans across the globe, and they are an icon for innovation. They have a variety of products and services across many categories. Most of them are within a closed ecosystem. And actually, interestingly, I found out during the research for this blog that a while back, they even tried to launch a clothing line that didn’t really take off. Apple’s culture combines creativity with user experience and innovation in order to create these beautiful, sleek, and expensive products. Seriously, now obviously, Apple does not shy away from breaking the rules and the norms in order to disrupt an industry because they are only limited to a certain segment in the market. I am giving Apple only a four out of five in terms of culture. Now let’s talk about job diversity. When we go to their career website, we can see that right now they have almost 8000 jobs open and that they’re hiring for across many countries. What I don’t like about their filtering system is that it is really hard to tell all the countries where they’re hiring, and what’s obvious is that most jobs are in the USA. However, there are lots of jobs in other countries as well, and I’ve seen some in Belgium, some in China, some in India. So what I do recommend is based on the country where you are currently living. Go ahead and search on their website specifically and see what’s available for you in terms of contract types. Most of the jobs that they are offering on their website are full-time jobs, which is definitely a minus. Now, in terms of the categories of jobs that they’re looking to hire for there, we have a good set of categories and a good set of career paths. We’re talking from retail to customer service, from engineering to AI, from design to sales. So lots of opportunities in terms of job diversity, from a category perspective. And all in all, because they are limited in terms of the number of countries that they are hiring in, as well as in terms of contract structures. I’m giving Apple only a three out of five in terms of job diversity from a job flexibility perspective. Apple aren’t doing that great either, although on their career website there is a Home Office filter that allows you to only take a look at the job openings that allow you to work from home. So have this hybrid working model. They actually have been going back and forth a lot in terms of their work from home policies, and this is definitely something that their employees and even the media have been talking a lot about even recently. Because about a month ago, Tim Cook, their CEO, released another communication updating their work from home policy, which essentially says that they are only expected to go to the office one day per week and that increasingly employees need to go back more and more. And then from February first, they’re expected to work mostly in the office. And then there’s also a lot of distinctions in roles, depending on the job type and depending on the team. So there is, first of all, not a lot of clarity. second of all, not a lot of flexibility. So because of that, I’m giving Apple only a three out of ten in terms of job flexibility on a very different note. Let’s talk about their salaries and benefits. Apple pays pretty well. They have an average salary level of about 143,000, with some jobs, like product development or sales reaching 200 plus thousand dollars per year. They also offer lots of career opportunities and growth and training, and a lot of benefits, which makes Apple consistently stay in the top 40 companies to work for throughout the years. Nothing to say about this. They get five out of five. Now, let’s take a peek and see what current and past employees are saying about working at Apple. So, first of all, let’s take a look at comparably where seven. 95% of Apple employees recommend them as a great place to work at. Also, if we look on Glassdoor, they get a 4.2 out of five rating, which, as you can tell, it’s a pretty average rating altogether compared to some of the other companies that we are talking about today. Usually, employees tend to be really excited about the pay and benefits. They really like the level of salary that they get. They like the level of innovation that they’re exposed to and that they get to contribute to in their work during their stay at Apple. But at the same time, they are complaining of the fact that leadership seems to be eroding. It seems to be declining in the last few years and also the level of stress and hard work seems to be higher than usual. And because of that, I am giving Apple a four out of five in terms of employee accommodations. Some pretty incredible results from Apple. But can it get even better?.

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4- Tesla

Tesla is obviously one of the most popular car manufacturers out there, and they are recognized as a disruptive force in the industry. And because they were able to completely reset people’s expectations about cars, they are able to attract some of the best talent out there. As an employer, Tesla offers a stimulating, fast paced work environment where innovation is expected. In fact, creativity in finding solutions is really encouraged. For Tesla to be able to continue having the competitive advantage that they currently benefit from, not only that but in order to encourage their employees to really take ownership over their work at Tesla trust, collaboration and empowerment are really valued. However, because the work environment is considered to be quite stressful, I’m giving Tesla only four out of five stars for their culture. OK, not. Let’s talk about job diversity within Tesla on their website. We cannot tell the total number of job opportunities they have open, but there are lots of them out there. Not only that, but they also hire across 47 countries worldwide. Obviously, not all of them are covered, unfortunately. So outside of these 47 countries, there are lots that are still missing, especially across Africa and the Middle East. However, because they have them as options in the location dropdown list, I would suspect that at some point, probably very soon there will be job opportunities across these regions as well. In terms of job categories, the diversity is definitely there. We have everything from construction to engineering, from design to operations, from finance to each other, and so forth. So lots of opportunities for pretty much any type of career path that you would like to follow in terms of contract structure. There are lots of full time opportunities that Tesla is looking to hire for. There are also a lot of opportunities for students and interns, which is absolutely great, and they actually have a dedicated program for students and interns, which is called Start. But aside from that, the number of part time or temporary jobs that they have available is not that significant. So because of that and because they don’t have job openings in more than 47 countries, I am giving Tesla only a three out of five in terms of job diversity. From a flexibility perspective, Tesla has been opening up gradually towards more remote job or work from home job structures.

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And right now, they have lots of them open on their website. So basically, if you’re not going to be working in their factories, in their facilities, there is a high chance for you to be able to get work from home or a remote job. And essentially, the only thing you need to do is go ahead and search for remote on their website and you’ll be able to see all the openings that they currently have available. What I really like about that is that some of them seem to be not location dependent, which is absolutely amazing. And because of that, I am giving Tesla a four out of five for flexibility. Salary and benefits are really good as expected, with $153,000 as an average salary. And actually many jobs reaching over $200,000. There are also some really cool benefits aside from the top-notch training, you would even be able to get a discount on the Tesla products. Not only that, but there are life insurance, health insurance, and discounts on their stocks that you would be able to get as an employee of Tesla. However, because there are certain job categories and certain employees who feel that the compensation is not on par with both the effort that is being put into, as well as with the market average, I am only giving Tesla a four out of five for salary and benefits. Now let’s take a look at some inside information to see how it really is to work for Tesla because we’ve got some employee recommendations, as well as some employee quotes from people who are currently there or who used to work for Tesla. So if we look at comparably, we see that. Right now, only 78% of Tesla employees are recommending that place as a great place to work in, and if we look at Glassdoor, they get a 3.7 out of four ratings. Usually, employees tend to be really, really fond of the high level of innovation and the cutting edge type of work that they get to do at Tesla. But then, on the other hand, they’re not really happy with the high level of stress. And oftentimes with the management style that seems to be present in some teams and organizations. And because of that, I am giving Tesla only a three out of five in terms of employee recommendations. Can you imagine a company that is equally, if not more innovative than Tesla, but has better employee recommendations?

5- Amazon

Everybody knows Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, but actually, in the last few years, they’ve branched out into pretty much everything from streaming to cloud computing, from financial services to groceries, from devices to shipping. Is this good? Is it bad? Well, let’s see. Let’s talk about their culture. first of all, because Amazon has a very unique culture. They take a lot of pride in being customer obsessed and in being outstanding in terms of their operations. And actually, every single one of their employees is expected to embody these values, including Jeff Bezos himself. I’m very proud of the culture that we have at Amazon. And you know, it’s an I think of it as a gold standard culture for innovation and pioneering work and the, you know, in the people I work with, these people who they’re missionaries for, what they do. Not only that, but he actually acknowledged a long time ago that he understands Amazon is not an easy place to work in because they hold their employees at very high standards. And what this means is that although employees are usually expected to work hard, work long or work smart, actually at Amazon, they have to do all three.

However, they do understand that it is a difficult environment to work in. So more recently, they’ve created these eco friendly buildings for their employees to be able to unwind in and be able to be more creative. And because of all of this. I’m actually giving Amazon only two stars in terms of their culture. So if you want to work for Amazon, which currently employs over 1 million people across the globe, there are lots of opportunities. While on their website, we cannot tell exactly the total number of job openings that they currently have. According to Glassdoor, they have over 25,000 job openings right now in the US alone. However, they’re not only hiring in the U.S., there are opportunities in over 60 countries across the globe in terms of categories of jobs that they’re looking to hire for. We have pretty much everything from customer support to fulfillment, from retail to cloud solution also have very diverse options in terms of the contract structure. So there are a lot of full time job options, but also a lot of part time as well as temporary jobs because they don’t have job openings in more countries across the globe. I’m only giving Amazon four out of five stars for job diversity recognized for their flexibility. Amazon actually recently announced that they are allowing their employees to permanently work from home. Breaking news this week from Amazon. The one and a half trillion dollar company announced earlier in the week through a blog post that they’re permanently allowing work from home. However, because most of their job openings that are allowed to be done remotely or to be done as work from home are linked to a location. I’m only giving Amazon four out of five stars for flexibility. The P actually differs substantially across the company, depending on the kind of job that you would be doing. We have jobs like sales and communications really leading the way and then jobs like project or. Product or program manager or cloud architect that expect to get paid between 100 and $160,000 in the U.S., but also with a worldwide average of about $118,000 on the other side, we have fulfillment or customer service that usually get paid between 15 and $20 per hour. And because of this very, very segregated, very diverse pay structure, I’m only giving Amazon three stars for salary and benefits. All in all, Amazon is still a great company to work for, and they’ve got lots of opportunities, so I really recommend that you don’t discard them and you still take a look at the opportunities they have available and the jobs that they’re hiring for right now. Let’s now move to number four, a company that is significantly more innovative and that has a much better culture.

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